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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a display cost?

It depends on the distance from Duxford or the previous display site. A local display will be a minimum of £1,500 and, for example, if it is 60 miles from Duxford the cost would be around £2,500. VAT will be added these figures.

Is it appropriate for a wedding?

The display can be a ‘surprise’ and can start within a few seconds of an agreed time. Without exception, all the displays we have flown at weddings have been a resounding success.

How long does a display last?

Between 7 and 12 minutes, tailored to your requirements.

What is so special about Ferocious Frankie?

It is more powerful than other aircraft and has huge ‘presence’. It flies with spectacular power and grace. The speed and noise during the scintillating aerobatic display is quite captivating.

Frankie is an iconic piece of history and in many ways unsurpassed 65 years on, it is immaculate and the colour is eye catching and photogenic.

What is so special about an OFMC display?

We provide the best aerobatic display flown by well known, competition winning, pilots who keep the aircraft in view and safely near to the spectators.

Our pilots are authorised to fly to the highest CAA standard for formation and solo aerobatic displays and the result is unique and highly regarded. The displays are always exciting and safe.

What is a suitable location for a display?

To give permission for a display, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) require a clear area of land for the display to be flown over, and this should be near to the spectators. Countryside, farmland, water & woodland are all suitable and minor roads can be flown over. Built-up and populated areas have to be avoided.

What is an unsuitable location?

Areas surrounded by buildings and people cannot be flown over, so the centres of towns are not suitable.7

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